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Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Member Since: March 26, 2010


  1. dreemgirl

    Love your journal and cute pic! This site is great to see your garden grow. Try using the Diary Entry like a 'diary/blog' I find it works much more effectively rather than trying to squeeze alot of wording into the small boxes in general observation, as youve done. Have a look at mine, and have ago, it is alot easier and your page will look alot better. Just thought i'd give you some feedback, I hope it was helpful :)

  2. dreemgirl

    Hi Mary...Your journal is looking great, it's much better for using the diary entries. Im enjoying this site, hope u are too?

  3. dreemgirl

    Hi Mary! Got your message about you now using the diary entry, it looks like you got the hang of it, as can see your diary entries and your journal looks even better. Can you see it all now?

  4. dreemgirl

    I love the weather observation record! Ive back dated mine and the symbols are great (although not one showing for windy) But its fantastic how we are listened too and our views, it really makes it an exciting site to use. Yes the home page looks so much better, giving a much better look to the site and what its about. Hope we see a few more users on here soon? Do you have problems, when adding a activity? like general obseversation or planting, weeding, water etc. That when u process more than 1, it replaces the one you just did. Hope that makes sense? Anyway, anymore ideas? we should start thinking???

  5. dreemgirl

    Mary...We use the term garden not yard in UK. My garden is directly behind my house, layed to grass with borders planted with plants trees and shrubs. Its a very sheltered private garden, kinda like a secret garden. We use our garden to relax and just built a Barbeque area, so use it as a garden=yard, as you say. I love my garden, its my 1st garden ever! and have this year started to really get into the garden spirit! I plan to spend all summer in the garden. I was looking at your journal, its coming on well, and can see you are having much better weather than us in the UK!

  6. dreemgirl

    Mart,I get your thinking on the logging of ornaments etc, but i think maybe that could be logged under your notes in the 'explore my garden area' list all your ornaments,rocks etc in there. I reakon the journal activity should be just used to see changes in plants etc. Did you read my idea??? of having on the my journal page underneath the calender, having a memo for like To Do's/jobs/things to do and reminders? what do u think? DG

  7. dreemgirl

    Wow youve been busy today! and your journal looks amazing with more photo's added, It takes more time, but worth it, to be able to look back on the year!

  8. dreemgirl

    I'd love to see a photo of your Antique boiler?

  9. dreemgirl

    I think this reminder/jobs to do would be excellent....another good idea by us!! lol, what do you think Green Thumb??

  10. dreemgirl

    Hello there Mary! Ive been out enjoying my garden, here in the uk we have had our hottest weekend so far this year today 78F..and I made the most of it! (no gardening - just relaxing in the sun) and looking at all my hard work in the garden and what needs doing! lol. Enjoying the new features on the site..lets hope more of our ideas appear! Ive got my fingers crossed for the job list and the money tracker!

  11. dreemgirl

    Mary, hiya! Ive thought of another idea?? lol, having on the member journal page a 'Photo of the Month' judged by the website and displayed as winner for the month photo. what do u think?? or can u add to this, we are a team lol

  12. dreemgirl

    Hi Mary, Looks like your having horrible rain like we are in the UK at the moment - Too wet to get out in my garden. Thought this was summertime!?! How you liking the new features on the site?

  13. praireflower

    Mary, I enjoyed reading about your gardening. Pennsylvania must be a great place to garden and it is evident you have a green thumb. Thanks for sharing your garden online.

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