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Location: UK
Member Since: March 15, 2010
Bio: I live in Cambridge in the UK. We have had this garden since May 2007. It was a very established garden when we moved in and lucky we have annual blooms every year that we can see develop. The garden is very sheltered and almost feels like a secret garden, not overlooked and private. We both love Our Garden!


  1. Mary

    Dreemgirl I just tried your suggestion about the diary....and now I can't see it....or yours. How do you do it?

  2. Mary

    Beautiful tulips! Pink is one of my favorite colors....actually white to purple with pink in the middle...the colors of my garden!

  3. Mary

    DG, (I have to give you a nickname for your screen name) do you use the word 'garden' like we across the pond use 'yard'? When I say 'yard' I mean the part of our property that doesn't have a house sitting on it. It includes multiple gardens, a garden house, and all the lawn. When I say 'garden' I mean an area that is planted in anything BUT grass. I like the idea of garden = yard. I want my whole yard to work as a whole to create a feeling of privacy and seclusion but at the same time inviting for people to feel like they want to come in. How do you feel about your garden?

  4. Lavender 22

    Mary I live in the US in Oregon. Do you know why it will not let me scroll down enough to create my garden area. Is there some body i can e-mail or ask? Thank you:) Lavender22

  5. Mary

    DG, I contacted Chris and got the link to your page so that I could talk to you...haven't seen you in your garden for a few days. Is all well?

  6. Mary

    Dreemgirl, I have missed our "conversations" since last summer. I hope you will be active this year. I "plan" to be. How did you survive the royal wedding?

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